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A researcher from the University of Glasgow has received funding to develop new wearable technology capable of measuring the progress of neuromuscular diseases. Professor Hadi Heidari has been awarded...

Menopause and menstrual health policy

A recent study explored menstrual health and menopause at work, the results of...


Day 1: After recognition that early antipsychotic drugs acting on dopamine pathways had an impact on vomiting, the search was on for an anti-emetic without extra pyramidal side-effects (EPS)....

Prescribing in cancer care

This article, published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, sought to review the evidence surrounding nurse and pharmacist review of patients undergoing systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT).

Excipient induced laxative thresholds

Based on the information above, what is the minimum expected amount of sorbitol (in g) for an adult that could produce a laxative effect?

A–Z of prescribing for children

It has been more widely accepted in recent years that the inclusion of patients in the therapeutic prescribing process is more beneficial to the patient, and concordance considers the wishes and...

Medication for hypertension management

NICE (2019a) recommends a clinic BP target of below 140/90 mmHg or a home BP target of 135/85 mmHg. In people over the age of 80 years, a higher cut-off point of 150/90 mmHg in clinic, or 145/85 mmHg...

Evolution of the use of quetiapine

Duncan et al (2016) published a study in the BMJ Open, which evaluated trends in the prescribing of quetiapine to adults in the Canadian province of Alberta between 2008 and 2013.

Probiotics and antibiotics

While promoting antibiotic stewardship, alternative antibiotic-free approaches to bacterial infections are being explored, including the use of probiotics, says George Winter

Your free revalidation toolkit

A free revalidation portfolio and CPD resource for nurses and midwives.

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Supporting children, young people and families with eczema

Effective treatment of eczema demands good self-management which, if established early on, can lead to considerable improvements in quality of life (Ridd et al, 2017). Self-management can be...

Excipient induced laxative thresholds: answers

Based on the information above, what is the minimum expected amount of sorbitol (in g) for an adult that could produce a laxative effect?

A place for all prescribers in healthcare

It's the start of yet another academic year and there is no shortage of students of all kinds: the eager-faced pre-registration nurses for all fields of practice, undergraduate allied health...


The UK Health Security Agency has launched a new dashboard for infectious diseases, which will serve as a centralised source for infectious disease and outbreak data this winter, making it publicly...

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Drug Breakdown: Fentanyl

Day 1: A synthetic opioid discovered circa 1960 (from phenylpiperidine) #fentanyl is x 50-100 more potent compared to morphine. Originally for anaesthetic i.v use; also now used for moderate-severe...

Nurse prescribing: a global perspective

This study, published in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, aimed to explore nurses' readiness to prescribe under supervision. It further sought to identify any association between the prescribing...

Naloxone hydrochloride for acute opioid events

A 3-day-old preterm neonate is given morphine as post-operative pain relief. They become bradycardic and apnoeic. They weigh 700 g. What dose of naloxone would you prescribe? .

Tackling diabetes the iDEAL way

Insights for Diabetes Excellence, Access and Learning (iDEAL) is a community interest company that is not for profit, and designed to work with local communities to share and promote best practice....

A–Z of prescribing for children

The British National Formulary was first published in 1949 as a result of war-time formularies, with new editions being published every 3 years until the mid-1970s (Wade, 1993). Then, the...

Prescribing typhoid vaccines in the UK

Typhoid is almost exclusively transmitted by eating or drinking food and water contaminated with human faeces and urine from infected people or carriers. In addition, shellfish taken from...

Oral nutritional supplements in care homes

‘Understanding and overcoming the barriers to implementation is crucial to fully enable dietetic-led ordering of ONS for residents in care homes in Northern Ireland’.

Naloxone hydrochloride for acute opioid events: answers

A 3-day-old preterm neonate is given morphine as post operative pain relief. They become bradycardic and apnoeic. They weigh 700 g. What dose of naloxone would you prescribe? .

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Decline in drug deaths in Scotland

A new report has shown drug-related deaths have declined by a small amount in Scotland (National Records of Scotland, 2023). The statistics demonstrate that in 2022 there were 1051 deaths due to drug...


More than 425 000 patients have used a new national online service to register with a GP in its first year, according to NHS England. It says the Register with a GP Surgery service, which is managed...

Drug breakdown: Bempedoic Acid

With the help of Prescribing and Therapeutics Training Ltd and the Journal of Prescribing Practice, you can earn your 1-hour CPD certificate.

Preventing urinary tract infection and supporting patient catheterisation for mental health

A tool has been developed that requires a health professional to carry out the assessment (Lauridsen et al, 2022). A UTI risk factor model was used as the basis to inform the content included in the...

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