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New government initiative to reduce cost of HRT for menopausal women

On the 21 February 2023, it was announced that the UK government would start subsidising the price of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), with around 400 000 women in England potentially benefiting...

When was the last time you held an FP10 prescription in hand?

A visit to my GP recently, which required a prescription, led me to ask myself: when was the last time I held a paper FP10 green prescription in my hand? As someone with a long-term condition...

Strike action looms as we enter 2023

Hello and happy New Year from the Journal of Prescribing Practice. As always, when writing a new year editorial, it's important to look to the year ahead and envision what we might encounter. While...

The question of social prescribing

A new review, published in the BMJ Open (Kiely et al, 2022), found that there is no consistent evidence that social prescribing improves social support or physical function, or reduced the use of...

Mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff under consultation

January of this year saw the publication of NHS England's Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment (VCOD) for Healthcare Workers-Phase 2 (Implementation) (NHS England, 2022).

A case of decency

Hello and happy new year from the Journal of Prescribing Practice (JPrP). I'm sure for many that sentiment feels like a stretch this year. Last year we had the hope of the COVID-19 vaccination program...

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