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Tackling diabetes the iDEAL way

02 October 2023
Volume 5 · Issue 10

Diabetes across the UK now affects over 5 million people; this is pivotal in galvanising a focused and purposeful approach to tackling the health challenges and embracing the opportunities in diabetes care (Diabetes UK, 2023). We are in the midst of a global pandemic of diabetes, with predicted increases in prevalence occurring across every continent (International Diabetes Federation, 2022).

Insights for Diabetes Excellence, Access and Learning (iDEAL) is a community interest company that is not for profit, and designed to work with local communities to share and promote best practice. Our multi-disciplinary team approach, which includes people with diabetes, provides tools and resources that are tailored to local circumstances to reduce variation in diabetes care delivery and outcomes. Our values are to improve and increase access to individualised, supported self-management. This is how the NOW series has evolved.

We bring together all relevant key stakeholders to remove barriers between elements of diabetes care. We involve and incorporate expert opinion in solutions. We also ensure all our publications can be adopted to fit local circumstances.

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