Celebrating non-medical prescribers

02 April 2023
Volume 5 · Issue 4

As I write my final editorial for the Journal of Prescribing Practice, I reflect on my nearly four-years and the significant developments within the non-medical prescribing sector during this time. It has been a pleasure to witness such growth in the non-medical prescribing sector and your growth on individual levels, and I have observed your skillsets and areas of practice flourish with resilience. These experiences have left me feeling introspective and grateful for the opportunity to witness this exciting evolution.

It has been rewarding to watch you all overcome the various obstacles that emerged. The most notable was undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic. I had only just joined the journal when the pandemic hit, and it quickly became apparent that healthcare delivery would have to undergo significant changes. It was inspiring to witness how you all rose to the occasion, adapting to every setback and change with remarkable resilience. Throughout this time, we published several papers documenting these adaptations, and it will be fascinating to reflect on them in the future and determine which practices are still in place and which have been reversed now that COVID-19 is no longer a dominant concern.

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