Antimicrobial treatment of neonatal meningitis: answers

02 January 2024
Volume 6 · Issue 1

Baby A, weight 3500 g and 4 days of age, is clinically unwell with suspected neonatal meningitis

Baby B, weight 1700 g and 10 days of age, presents with suspected severe neonatal meningitis

Baby C, weight 2200 g and 12 days of age with meningitis and confirmed gram-negative infection

Baby D, weight 700 g and 2 days of age with meningitis and confirmed gram-positive infection

Baby E, weight 2600 g and 10 days of age with confirmed group B Streptococcus meningitis. Baby E’s gentamicin concentration returns as greater than acceptable levels and the dose should be reduced by 20% prior to next administration. What is the recalculated dose?

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