Davidsen l, Jensen MH, Cook ME Metformin treatment is associated with reduced risk of hypoglycaemia, major adverse cardiovascular events, and all-cause mortality in patients with post-pancreatitis diabetes mellitus: a nationwide cohort study. Eur J Endocrinol. 2024; 190:(1)44-53

Pestka DL, Murphy D, Huynh P Pharmacist-driven outreach initiative to increase prescribing of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors in eligible VHA patients with chronic kidney disease: a study protocol. BMC Nephrol. 2024; 25:(1)

Short K, Andrew C, Yang W, Jamieson I The impact of nurse prescribing on health care delivery for patients with diabetes: a rapid review. Journal of Primary Healthcare. 2024;

Prescribing in patients with diabetes

02 March 2024
Volume 6 · Issue 3


Deborah Robertson provides an overview of recently published articles that may be of interest to non-medical prescribers. Should you wish to look at any of the papers in more detail, a full reference is provided

Last month, the research round-up provided you with an overview of articles looking at prescribing anticipatory medications at end of life. This month, we will have an overview of different areas of prescribing in patients with diabetes. The first article examines the impact of nurse prescribing in diabetes and its effect on care delivery. The second has a focus on a pharmacist-driven initiative in the veterans population in an area of the USA and the use of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor (SGLT2i) drugs in patients with chronic kidney disease. Finally, we will look at a paper investigating metformin use in patients with post-pancreatitis diabetes mellitus.

This article, published in the New Zealand Journal of Primary Healthcare, sought to undertake a review of the literature about the impact of nurse prescribing on the delivery of healthcare services for people with diabetes. The article begins by outlining the extent of the diabetic population in the New Zealand area of Aotearoa, and an indication of the areas of health concern for this population of patients.

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