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Physiotherapy and medicines management: A pilot study

The study comprised two phases. In phase one, an expert group devised a questionnaire which was tested with a small subset of physiotherapists utilising cognitive interviewing for content validity....

Educating non-medical prescribers in the UK – perspectives of programme leads

The results were set out into five major themes: taught content (pertaining to prescribing knowledge, safety, communication and continuing professional development); assessment methods of the...

What are dietitians prescribing? An evaluation of the prescribing practice of a nutrition support dietitian

This work aimed to describe the prescribing practice of a nutrition support dietitian working within intestinal rehabilitation and to identify how long after qualification the first prescription was...

An audit of the prescription and supply of medicines by podiatric surgery teams in the UK

The Podiatric Audit in Surgery and Clinical Outcome Measure (PASCOM) is organised into an invasive domain (nail surgery, injection therapies and podiatric surgery) and a non-invasive domain (high...


The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended an innovative and potentially life-extending drug for treating people with a specific gene mutation of advanced...

Drug breakdown: Indapamide

With the help of Prescribing and Therapeutics Training Ltd and the Journal of Prescribing Practice, you can earn your 1-hour CPD certificate.

Causes and treatment of urge incontinence in women

The BMJ (2020) states that this type of urinary incontinence may be caused by changes in anatomical support and/or neuromuscular function of the pelvic floor, or it may be idiopathic. There is a high...

Challenges in prescribing practice

This piece of original research published in the BMJ Open online in January 2022, sought to explore the barriers to and facilitators of reporting detected prescribing errors in a primary care setting...

Calculating osmolarities of peripheral infusions to avoid thrombophlebitis

Show that 10% w/v glucose will be unable to provide the target glucose infusion rate with this limited amount of fluid available. .

What is the value of supplementary prescribing in the 2020s? A dietitian's perspective

Supplementary prescribing involves a voluntary partnership between an IP (a doctor or dentist) and an SP to implement an agreed, patient-specific clinical management plan (CMP), with the patient's...

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