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Prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis therapy

This article, published in the Journal of Primary Care and Community Health, sought to understand the knowledge, attitudes and prescribing habits of clinicians in primary care around the prescribing...

Antimicrobial treatment of neonatal meningitis

Baby A, weight 3500 g and 4 days of age, is clinically unwell with suspected neonatal meningitis. .


The idea of type 2 diabetes (T2D) being a progressive illness is almost redundant, with increasing evidence even confirming how T2D remission is possible. For example, Cucuzzella et al (2023: 146)...

A–Z of prescribing for children

Distribution is the second part of the pharmacokinetic process after Absorption, and it is here where drugs pass from the bloodstream to the body’s organs and tissues. When prescribing for children,...

Co-production of teaching content and delivery with an NHS service user group

Collaboration between NHS stakeholders and higher education institutions is well established, with many innovative and beneficial links with clinical colleagues. Developing this to include service...

Enablers and barriers to pharmacists and nurses becoming independent prescribers

A total of 20 IP students agreed to be interviewed, of whom 15 were pharmacists and five nurses, representing 12% and 16%, respectively, of the total number of students in the IP course during the...

Antimicrobial treatment of neonatal meningitis: answers

Baby A, weight 3500 g and 4 days of age, is clinically unwell with suspected neonatal meningitis .

Planning for winter pressures

Amid worsening winter pressures for the NHS, there are warnings from health professionals that industrial action ‘could see one of the most difficult starts to the year for health services across the...


Day 1: #vortioxetine is a unique antidepressant, discovered from exploring bis-aryl-sulfanyl amine compounds. It is categorised as a ‘serotonergic’ drug, acting both as an SSRI & as a serotonin...


Nearly four out of five (78%) family doctors across the UK are experiencing moral distress while caring for their patients.

Effective medicines optimisation

Winter is very much upon us, and I know there is the usual increased pressure in many areas, with influenza and winter vomiting virus doing the rounds. This pressure to deal with acute situations can...

Drug Breakdown: Colchicine

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