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The risks and rewards of semaglutide in obesity treatment

The connection between the pancreas, the gut and incretins – hormones released into the blood by the intestine in response to food – was established in the early twentieth century (Knudsen and Lau,...

The importance of adhering to regulations in healthcare: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and historical incidents

When it comes to safety in healthcare, rules, regulations and guidance are essential to help secure protection for patients and healthcare workers. For example, the Health and Safety Executive (2023)...

Motor neurone disease

The recent death from motor neurone disease (MND) of former Scottish rugby international and British Lion Doddie Weir OBE (1970–2022) has renewed focus on this neurodegenerative condition.

Serotonin and depression

George Winter discusses the role of serotonin when deciding how to treat depression and how new papers are now disputing the role in plays and whether antidepressants are even the correct treatment...

The use of pine in a healthcare environment

Considered the largest genus of conifers, Pinus (Pinaceae) includes more than 100 different species (Dziedziński et al, 2021), and Hickman (2021) explains that the creation of the town of Bournemouth,...

COVID-19 booster vaccinations

In November 2021 the UK Health Security Agency (2021) announced that those ‘aged 50 years and over, health and social care workers and younger people at risk are being offered a booster dose of...

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