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Mental health

Non-medical prescribing in mental health services

The alcohol liaison service in an inner-London hospital has developed a nurse-led service model to meet the needs of the patient population it serves. Experienced non-medical prescribers deliver the...

Prescribing for depression in primary care

Depression is mainly managed in primary care settings (Arroll et al, 2016). Treatment delivered in this setting include non-medicinal treatments and medication..

Non-medical prescribing considerations in emergency mental health services

Jane, a 30-year-old female, had a long-standing history of low mood, anxiety, periods of poor sleep and one episode of hypomania. She had previously been prescribed several different selective...

Prescribing for panic disorder

When a person has a panic disorder, it is useful to be able to spot it when they first mention their symptoms. Not only is there a role for prescribing but there may be other options to keep the...

Small steps, big changes

I suppose I should begin this editorial by letting you know I have now had my second COVID-19 vaccination! I know I am part of a growing number of those afforded increased protection from the virus,...

Treatment advances in mental health

This month we are going to look at some interesting and applicable advances in the area of treatment of bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. Some new research is examined and implications...

Deprescribing in mental health: pragmatic steps for a better quality of life

There have been numerous studies and articles over the last few years looking at deprescribing in mental health. For example, Bjerre et al (2018) outline that the deprescribing of antipsychotics for...

Past the peak: navigating depression in the aftermath of COVID-19

Depression was already one of the commonest mental disorders in Great Britain, but new research has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase of mental distress in adults across the...

Deprescribing in mental health care

There are a number of definitions of the term deprescribing. At its core are facets of the medicines optimisation movement and concerns about polypharmacy, particularly in older adult care..

An exploration of why qualified mental health nurse prescribers do not prescribe

A qualitative approach was used in this research, using descriptive, exploratory methods..

Providing holistic care to prevent hospital admission

This article outlines how physical and mental health issues impact on the health of an individual. ‘Raminder Kaur’ is a 45-year old lady who has depression and type two diabetes mellitus (DMT2)....

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