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Probiotics and antibiotics

While promoting antibiotic stewardship, alternative antibiotic-free approaches to bacterial infections are being explored, including the use of probiotics, says George Winter

Exploring the significance of delayed antimicrobial prescribing

In 2016, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) released a quality statement declaring that prescribers in primary care could use delayed prescribing of antimicrobials where they...

Antimicrobial prescribing in SARS-CoV-2

In this article by Stevens et al (2020) we start to see some early evidence looking at the rate and spectrum of antibiotic prescribing being collected in a single centre study.

Antibiotic resistance

‘Objective evidence-based medical science cannot be wholly separated from the more subjective demands of morality and ethics’ .

Delayed prescribing of antibiotics for self-limiting respiratory tract infections in an urgent care out-of-hours setting

Acute respiratory tract infection (RTI) is one of the most common presentations in primary care (National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NICE), 2008). RTIs include the common cold, sore throat,...

Antibiotic awareness and preventing further antimicrobial resistance

The development of antibiotics has been revolutionary for medicine and public health. However, given the resistance that is now building up against them, we are facing one of the most significant and...

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